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This place is unreal. It is right on the water and I love watching the boats while drinking my coffee. The views are marvelous and the care is also good.

– Connie D.

After my knee replacement surgery I went to recuperate at Riverview Estates. They really helped me get back to myself. I can’t praise the therapy team enough.

– Mike Robach

I was in this facility for in-patient rehabilitation after spinal surgery. I cannot sing their praises highly enough. I received excellent nursing care, the aides were wonderful, and the therapy staff were all outstanding. Everybody worked with me to get my strength back and walking. and climbing stairs! The food was well prepared and guests were welcomed. I highly recommend this facility.

–Lee Rozinski

I enjoy my friends at Riverview very much. I am treated very well here. I would recommend Riverview Estates to anyone and will be sad when I leave. I am very comfortable here and the staff are very nice to me. Everybody loves the activities here, especially going outside to enjoy the late summer weather and the scenic Delaware River out front.

– Lorita Odd, Nursing Resident

I like it here at Riverview Estates. I like that I can come and go. I enjoy talking with all my friends, especially my friend, Kate. The food is pretty good here. My favorite activities are pinochle, poker, bingo and the music programs. The staff treats me well. My husband is also in the facility and I enjoy having him close by.

– Nancy Quattrocchi, Nursing Resident

I enjoy a variety of activities here at Riverview Estates. I enjoy meeting all kinds of people and appreciate the diversity of the people. One of my favorites things about this facility is her view. If I have to stay inside, I can see the river out her windows. I like being around the water as I come from a family of sailors. My father designed and built three sailboats, that is when I learned to love sailing. One of my father’s sailboats slept six and had a galley and special features. I also treasure my privacy but I’m happy to join in with others when the occasion calls for it. My family lives a few blocks away and I am grateful the facility is in the same town as my daughter, son-in-law and grandchildren.

– Anne Magierski, Assisted Living Resident

I really enjoy the weekly games, especially pinochle, poker and the chess club! The chess club is really a biggie, that you really have to put your mind to it. I enjoy playing music in my room, I used to be a dancer and enjoy the musical entertainment programs. My room is at the end of a hallway so I also get to relish my privacy here at Riverview.

– Greg Wilson, Assisted Living Resident

303 Bank Avenue Riverton, NJ 08077

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